Your customers want your products to be green

Author: Jacobine J. Das Gupta-Mannak

Publisher: Das Gupta-Mannak

Paperback: 156 pages.

ISBN-10: 9081743309.

ISBN-13: 978-9081743303.


Do you ask yourself how to develop successful sustainability strategies? How to develop CSR strategies that make societal impact and business sense? Do you wish to embed CSR? Attract Generation Y employees and cooperate with NGOs? Probably you are interested in how sustainability frontrunners do.

'Your customers want your products to be green' comes up with company best practices of European sustainability frontrunners. The book contains case studies of multinationals such as Ericsson, Shell, Rabobank, DSM, Philips, Danone and Veolia Environnement.

This book is indispensable for managers who wish to understand the key drivers for a CSR policy and its impact. It unveils insights how to use CSR as a means for creating societal impact and unlocking new business opportunities.


Listen to the personal story of the author made by audio studio oorgetuige, click on 'vertelvink jacobine' and 'afspelen'.  


Or listen to the interview here with the author in the Dutch Business News Radio Program 'BNR Duurzaam' of 14th of Jan 2012.


The book is available on Amazon USA, Amazon UK and soon in local bookshops.